Storm of The Core Rise of Neo-skill The Burst of Galactic War

The Matrix attracts endless struggles and fights with the mysterious power, now another force is creeping near to join the chaos of two factions of the robots on Earth. The evasion of the aliens brings along the flame of death, as well as highly-developed technology. The core, found in the wreckage of starcrafts of the aliens, seems to be able to stir the subtle balance between the two factions of the robots.

In the new system - the storm of the core, the player collects the fragments of the core in the battles against alien units and exchange for the equipment of the core.

The epic quest is the great challenge for all the players in the whole server. The quest is finished with the effort of all the players to donate appointed items and one stage is complete when 10,000 items is donated in the server.

The epic bonus is sent with the close of each stage according to the participation of the player and the tribe in the epic quest. The bonus contains the equipment of the core and the item for neo-skill of the hero.