Welcome To World of TransForce(play now)

Big Special event at Transforce

I:Free Daily Tasks

Duration: 6,20–6,22

During the event, the player is allowed to takes all the 8 daily tasks at no expense of Matrix.

II:Triple NPC Exp

Duration: 6,20–6,22

During the event, the hero engaged in the battles against Npc enjoys Triple Exp!

(More exp gain with Exp Potion applied)

III: Treasure Discount

Duration: 6,20–6,22

During the event, the items(except Ruby and Rune) under the column of TREASURE in the shop are on sale

with a discount of 60% off!

IV:Matrix Puchase Giveaway

Duration: 5,31–6,2

Big giveaway you can not miss!

During the event, besides default bonus for Matrix purchase,

Cumulatively purchase to Extra bonus for matix purchase

300 Matrix EXP Potion *1
500 Matrix Mega Badge(10,000)*1 + EXP Potion *1+ Haste potion(B)*1
1,000 Matrix Mega Badge(10,000)*3 + EXP Potion *1+ Haste potion(B)*1 + Spy Satellite*1
3,000 Matrix Mega Badge(20,000)*3 + EXP Potion *3 + Haste potion(B)*3 + Spy Satellite*3
5,000 Matrix Mega Badge(20,000)*5 + EXP Potion *5 + Haste potion(B)*5 + Spy Satellite*5
10,000 Matrix Mega Badge(50,000)*3 + EXP Potion*8 + Haste potion(B)*8+ Spy Satellite*8
20000 Matrix Mega Badge(50,000)*5 + EXP Potion*12 + Haste potion(B)*12 + Spy Satellite*12


Spy satellite enables the scout immediately;

Mega badge gives exp to hero immediately;

Haste potion reduces travel time.

1. One chance of the giveaway for each account.

2. The giveaway shall be sent within 3 business days after the event expires.