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The players with reputation more than 10,000 can attack NPC city. It is recommended that you team with your friends and launch a joint attack at the city. Each time part of the units in NPC city are involved in the defence, and NPC city gets fallen when all the units are destroyed. One of the attackers will get rewarded handsomely. It is important to note that the fallen NPC City will upgrade to one more level, to level one when fallen at the highest level and to one less level with on one able to conquer for a certain period.


At present, there is one npc city available in the center of zone 55.

Move to the mouse onto the city you have a check of the level and the reputation of NPC city currently.

The reputation of NPC city = the training cost of units available / 1,000

The less reputation, the less units in NPC city.


Click the image of NPC city, you can launch attack, it’s recommended to deal joint attack with your friends. In the right column, the attacking players are listed.

You obtain various item and resources after attacking NPC city, and how you rewarded depends on the damage you caused to NPC city. The more NPC city loses, the more you win.

One player can launch 3 attacks to NPC city each day, which is not available in vacation mode. You can deal 2 extra attacks to NPC city with 36 Matrix for each.

The units in NPC city may attack the players nearby. The attacking units are sent based on the military power of the player. There’s no need to worry, generally the attacks from NPC city are no menace and NPC city loots no resource.