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There are four types of terrain: plain, mountain, basin and desert.

Plain: For create new bases. The initial area is random.

Mountain, basin and desert are for resources production if occupied. There are ten levels, the higher level the more output.



The vacant place can be occupied if you win the battle against the NPC troops.


There are 10 levels for resource spots of mountain, basin and desert, the higher the level, the more output.





The resource spot is occupied when the stationed npc units are defeated., the higher level of the resource spot, the more powerful units stationed. If you want to occupy the resource spot already taken by another player, you may need to defeat his stationed units together with npc units to gain the spot. You can not take the resource spot occupied by your tribe members.





You can reoccupy the occupied place of other players if you win the battle against the stationed troops.


After occupation

The occupied place will reduce one level every 24 hours, and when it’s level 0, there’s no bonus.

The vacant place will revive to the initial level after 24 hours.



You can not occupy the place even if you win the battle when the place is more than 50 blocks away from your base.







After you conquer a spot, the units can either be stationed there or called back to your base. The stationed units will consume double oil to dig. You can order the stationed units to dig in the resource spot. The resources dug = The oil stationed units consume x the level of spot to the power of 1.1 x digging time + the oil consumed. The digging time shall be more than 1 hour and the resource dug ceases to increase after 24 hours.