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Types of units: small, medium, large and defense facility

Types of attack: ammunition, armor-piercing, energy, scatter and suicide


Ammunition damage to large and defense facility: 90%   others: 100%

Armor-piercing damage to small and defense facility: 90%   others: 110%

Energy damage to all: 100%

Scatter damage to small and defense facility: 110%   others: 100%

Suicide damage to all: 100% and then self-destruct



The moving speed is available to adjust when dispatching the units.


The daily limit to attack the same player is 3.


The units able to be dispatched may expand by 20% when certain item is applied.


Exp potion may be applied to enable the hero to gain extra 50% exp.



The unit with longest range attacks first, and the longest range is 3. The long-range unit is abated with rounds going on.